Surgical Specialties Corporation

Surgical Specialties Corporation needed an app to make their field sales teams more effective.

Surgical Specialties Corporation is a provider of sutures and needles to Surgeons, Veterinarians, and other doctors that need to close wounds. They needed a way to make their field sales teams more effective. After learning that all of their representatives used iPads, we figured the best way to help them would be to create an app that put everything at their fingertips. We created apps for both iPads and iPhones, just in case someone forgot their iPad one day, and we also created it to regularly update whenever a data connection was available. Many of the representatives sell to doctors in hospitals and other places where cell signals are weak, and this feature allowed them to have the latest information on their device, even if there was no signal.

I created a system and user interface for the iPad, then transferred it over to make it effective on the iPhone as well. The finished product allowed representatives to search by SKU numbers, materials, manufacturers, and more, or they could simply scan a bar code to find matches. Once they found a product, they were able to easily share the product info via text or e-mail. The app also had videos, sales materials, and other items that are useful to their representatives, and it was all able to be updated via a content management system (CMS). Surgical Specialties could send all of their field representatives the latest information on their products at any time, without having to issue an app update.