REV Acceleration

Sales isn't a game, but turning it into one can really drive results.

REV Acceleration is a multi-faceted gamifcation software suite that includes a multiple-tiered admin panel and and end user interfaces for every device, from phones to large-screen television displays.  The goals and benchmarks are tailored to a client’s individual needs, and connects to whatever CRM configuration the client uses.

Client: REV Acceleration

People are competitive by nature. REV leverages that.

REV turns stuffy data into stuff worth bragging about. Every business has benchmarks that they have to meet. REV takes those milestones and converts them into ranks and trophies, and then puts them on public display. It’s one thing to meet your revenue goals if you’re in Sales – it’s quite another to know that you stomped that veteran who always seems to best you, and then to have it displayed on a big screen display in front of your entire team. Even if you don’t work in a Sales environment, REV has many practical applications across multiple verticals, as long as there are goals to be met and people who want to do better than others.

Services Provided:

  • Front-end application design
  • Admin dashboard design
  • Rapid prototype creation
  • Wireframe and mock-up creation
  • Print and digital design for marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Training video production


REV originally began as an app that was made by a former client, who hired my employer to “fix it and make it prettier.”  Since we didn’t start at ground zero, taking REV from a concept to a living, breathing app was a long and awkward journey.

After fixing the original app, we recognized its potential, and began the journey to transform it from something made specifically for one company in one industry, to something that could be used across multiple verticals.  It went something like this:

  • Fixed original app for original client, according to their needs (added new elements and gave the front-end a “face lift”).
  • Rebuild existing app from the database level to allow greater scalability, addition of new features, and minimize the potential for bugs.
  • Scrap old front-end design to allow for a streamlined, modern, user-friendly experience across multiple verticals.
  • Create multi-tiered administration dashboard for reporting purposes, new user creation, and other admin tasks.
  • Add in new gamification features (points, badges, message board, large-monitor format displays).
  • Beta test with a handful of clients in different verticals, refine and adjust.
  • Launch and market to the general public through brochure website, social media, trade shows, and other avenues.


By the time we considered REV to be “market-ready”, it was comprised of 4 central components:

  • Front-end application for basic end-users (for the sake of example, let’s say a team of Sales people).
  • Front-end application for supervisory end-users (this would include Sales Managers and other governing executives of the Sales people).
  • Back-end application for Administrators (this would include any IT professionals and relevant management staff who are responsible for account creation/maintenance and troubleshooting).
  • Leaderboard application designed to be viewed on publicly-displayed televisions and large-format monitors.

Although we had streamlined all of REV’s features so that it could apply to any vertical, each of its four components offered options for customization of style and features in order to accomodate niche markets or detailed personalization.

While REV has gone through several iterations, my designs were used for the product’s test clients and initial launch. While some design elements have been altered in newer releases, the product’s overall layout, style, look & feel, and functionality is what I delivered in my original designs.

I was part of an expert team who took a single client’s ugly, buggy, tablet-only application, and turned it into a free-standing boutique business for my employer. Currently, REV is still going strong as a gamified software suite that can drive results for any business.